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Past Speakers Have Included:

Maya Angelou

Dana Beach

Doris Buffett

David Broder

Ward Carroll

David Coates

Ossie Davis

Jaime Diaz

Frank Deford

Charles "Lefty" Dreisell

Jim Dodson

Dr. Kenneth Duckworth

Patty Duke

Pete Earley

Robert Edsel

Dr. Bart Ehrman

Susan Eisenhower

Rev. Bob Evans

Chief Justice James Exum

David Gergen

Newt Gingrich

Arun Ghandi

Dr. Jane Goodall

Joe and Terry Graedon

Jack Hanna

Terry Holland

Senator Daniel Inouye

Robert Kaplan

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Bud McFarlane

Senator George McGovern

Supreme Court Justice Burley Mitchell

Sue Myrick

Ralph Nader

Jack Nicklaus

Phyllis Oakley

Sandra Day O'Connor

Panels of Journalists Embedded in Iraq

Katherine Paterson

Dr. Ruby Payne

Dr. Orrin Pilkey

Dr. John Shelton Reed

Senator Terry Sanford

Dori Sanders

General Sidney Shachnow

Representative Pat Schroeder

Professor Peter Siavelis

Senator Alan Simpson

Nicholas Sparks

Bishop John Shelby Spong

Ambassador Fatos Tarifa

MSG Mark Vomund

Humpy Wheeler

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