The Ruth Pauley Lyceum Scholars Program 2015-2016

ruth pauley lyceum scholars

As part of fulfilment of its mission to "achieve a steady increase in the participation of local schools' personnel and students" in the study of state, national and world issues, the Board of Directors of the Ruth Pauley Lecture Series, in conjunction with Sandhills Community College, is offering a special opportunity for students and teachers to meet and share a meal with some of the most intriguing thinkers of our time.

lyceum [lahy-see-uh m] noun. An institution for popular education providing discussions, lectures, concerts, etc. The Lyceum was a place in ancient Greece where a long list of philosophers gave talks, including Plato, Socrates and Aristotle.

For each of the four lectures in the Ruth Pauley 2015-2016 Season, two students from each of the five high schools below will be chosen to meet the presenter and have a complimentary dinner prior to the lecture. We're calling these students Ruth Pauley Lyceum Scholars.

Each participating high school will have the option to choose the Ruth Pauley Lyceum Scholars, but we suggest that, over the course of the year's lectures, every high school give consideration to these aspects of the participants' high school life:

(The latter is an attempt to provide guest lecturers with an audience that offers a true representation of the region's populace.)

Along with the Ruth Pauley Lyceum Scholars, each school may include a teacher, administrator, or counselor from each of these high schools to join the evening's guest lecturer for dinner.

There is no cost to either students or chaperones.

Dinners are held in the Clement Dining Room in the Dempsey Student Building at Sandhills Community College.After dinner and a chance to meet the speaker, students and their chaperones will walk to Owens Auditorium to attend the lecture in specially reserved seats.

Following each lecture, the Lyceum Scholars will be asked to email the Ruth Pauley Board the participant's response to this question:

Having attended a Ruth Pauley Lecture and having had the opportunity to interact with a prominent public figure, what benefits do you think the public derives from the Ruth Pauley Lecture Series in our community, and how has your own life been enriched by the experience?

Students' emails (no more than a one-page, double-spaced document) should be sent to

In April 2016, the Ruth Pauley Board will select one participant from each school to be that school's Lyceum Scholar Award winner will be awarded a $100 cash prize to be used for the advancement of that student's cultural enrichment.

In addition, in the summer following the Lyceum participant's graduation from high school, each of the year's participants can contact the SCC Foundation for a scholarship of $200 to be used for books and/or tuition at SCC to help pay for one university transferable course. The College will provide a letter to participants acknowledging their eligibility for that scholarship at the conclusion of the year's lecture series. (The student must present that letter to the SCC Financial Aid Office when registering as proof of eligibility for these scholarship funds.)

The 2015-2016 Ruth Pauley Lyceum Scholars program is co-ordinated by Moore County Board of Education member Libby Carter. Ms. Carter can be contacted at